Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm starting a fresh new blog...yeah, I know what your thinking..."again?"
Well, it's to freshen up on waht this blog started out to be....
I will use this one on occasion..mostly as a "here's what's going on" blog. I plan on taking some of the things I posted about last year and repost them and restudy them. I have had a lot happen to me over the past couple months...for insance I'm joining a privet school this year (a school of a whole 22 students!! whohoo! I know then all already~ and the teachers!) I did 4-H this year and showed animals at the fair. I've met several new peopl and have had some wonderful experieces that I'll never forget! Hopefully things will settle down some and I will have more time to blog. truthfully I have been busy myspacing with my computer time. I know, I know....tisk tisk...
Well, off I go to create my blog...of course, in addition to creating my new blog I must delete Eye Right Two Much.

Well, talk to you all and to all I will talk,

Monday, July 30, 2007

Ladies and Gents,
You are about to read a VERY full post in VERY short words....

Okay, so I went to the rodeo and carnival on friday with my freind Dani. Rodeo was cool, I must admit (my first year going.) I havn't been to the carnival in 5yrs. And I've never been on what are known as the "Big Kid" rides until this year......AND I can discribe them in a few short words: Fun. Scary. Scream. Sick. Dissy. Tierd. Ugh.
Okay, so on my last ride I got thrown out of my seat and landed back down and hit my back on the metal seat...didn't really think much of it until the next day..and to make things short I'll just say it turns out I fractured my spine (or posibly just broosed my bone...but most likely a fracture.) So I'm not supposed to move very much. I layed down on my tummy for most of the day until my energy got to me and I had to do a little moving....SO here I be. Also, my band is going south. We lost our lead singer, Tyler, and piano, sister Jo, and so that leaves me on drums and Casey on bass and possibly (for softer songs only) Ashley our second vocal. And you can't make much music with a drum and we are searching for two guitarists and maybe a pianist. *sigh*

Well, more to both stories but I'm hungry so farewell!
No spelling check this time.....I'm pooped out............


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The first one is my friend Kellyn that just got married (she's 18) and her dad walking down the white piece of fabric the was laying on the ground getting all dirty. Oh, did you notice her AWESOME VAIL! Soooooo cool, huh? The second one is the right lower side of my face. I know what your thinking "That Is A Very Attractive Chin!" Yes, well, golly....I don't know what to say....

Alright, this is stupid. Why did I post this....cause I'm being stupid. I'm having a stupid moment....Alright, I think I'm over it now.

Hey what's that thing down there?????????


Got you! I bet you thought I was falling, but really I was just typing thta all so you thought I was falling. Now you look stupid and I don't! Ha! I love me....


Sunday, May 27, 2007

#1 favorite: Hanson

# 2 favorite: Jars of Clay
#3 favorite: Switchfoot
My Favorite Bands

I thought that I would put a little info about some of my favorite bands. We need to spred good music around!

Okay, the first pictue is of HANSON. This is a band of three Christian homeschooled brothers. They started out when they were very young. They sang at parties, fairs, where ever they could. Their first CD, Middle of Nowhere, came out in 1997 . When it came out they were only 11, 14, and 16.
Their CD was a hit. It made #1 pop charts in '97. They toured the whole world having concerts.
Now, they are all grown up and have family's of thier own, but
they are still out there making music and have recently put out their latest CD titled
"The Walk."
(Note: Hanson is not a Chirstian band.)
Jars Of Clay!!!
I don't know as much about how the Jars started BUT I do know this:
Jars put out their first CD in 1995 titled Jars Of Clay. Following that came If I Left The Zoo, Much Afriad, Jar of Gems, The Eleventh Hour, Furthermore, Who We Are Instead, Redemption Songs, and their latest CD Good Monsters.
They are known for their poetic lyrics and the deep meanings to their songs.
Jars of Clay is a Christain band.
Let me see.....SWITCHFOOT!
I hardly know anything about this band! I like 'em though!
Go to
for info on their CDs.
Also go to
Okay, that'll work!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Well hello,
What else is there to say. Life has been busy. Music and family has been life. Scary, I've hardly had any time for anything but music and family. Now that my aunt's wedding is over (it was earlier today) I should have more time to blog and comunticate with others outside of my house and band.
Just to give an exaple of what I mean by busy, in April we played "How To Save A Life" by The Fray for the high-school talent show. We learned the song in three days. Our singer didn't even know the song. We didn't win anything cause of a slight piano problem, but we had fun. That's what is supposed to count right? Right. The next weekend was the Youth Arts Fest. Woopie gosh. My dance group practiced eveyday, two or more hours a day, for a week for that show. One day we met at 7:30am to practice. Joseph (a dancer) hated me for dragging out of bed. Lazy. We barely had a show. But, heck, we had fun (which seems to be the case with most shows!) We also played The Fray song again there. It was much better that time. Anyway, The same day that we had that 7:30 am practice was the day of the ball. I wish you were all there! It was so awesome. I got asked by real live guys this year. Yeah, real ones. Jo and I looked darling in our dresses. Just darling. My colors were Royal Blue and Gold and Jo wore Pink and White. Everyone looked so good. Matt (a friend) wore his scottish kelt. He's an interesting guy. Very proud of his scotish background. But, that's just Matt.
Today was the wedding. About a month ago I asked my aunt if we could play some band music at the wedding. "Sure" she said. So, we practiced some boring love songs just for her and Wes (the new hubby.) My brother was the ring boy and Jo played the wedding march song thingy. We went to the practice last night. I asked my aunt where the drum set was going. "Oh, there's a drumset?"
Rrrrr. I told here BAND SONGS but aperently she didn't know that I was in a band or that I don't play much piano anymore or that I'm even still a drummer. She's never heard me play in the two years that I have. Sad though, she lives an hour away. Anyway, got there today and the drumset was a no show. Without drums, my band is helpless. Bummer deal. She thought that Jo and I would go up and play little kiddy songs on the piano. She has know idea that we play pro songs. Jo just grew out of her piano teacher. During the summer I pracitce like an hour every day. Winter is more like half that cause of school. Rrrrr. I'll be fine. Jo bought me flip flops. I'm good.

Well, Daisy, you should be here to play guitar and Austin should be here to play bass (even though I aready have guitar and bass player.)
You'll see us in stores soon. My mom is very proud. She pushes us to do what we love~music.

Well, just so you all know, I moved up to a pro drumset. I outa give Mr. Williamson some lessons! Tell him that, Austin.

Forgive my spelling, I'm not going to proof read this time.

See you all when my band tours the world:)

P.S. Dose your family celebrate birthdays? How? Why?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Listen to this true story!

~The 1st Betty Crocker Cake Mix~

Before Betty Crocker cake mix first came out, women were asked if it was a product that they would use. "Yes," seemed to be a steady answer, so the product was prodused and put on market shelves right away.
But after some time, Betty Crocker cake mixes were still on the shelves. Women were not buying them and the company wondered why. It didn't seem right that women would rather make a cake themselves instead of just adding water to the Betty Crocker mixes. Something was wrong.
So, the company went to a P.R. (Public Relations) man to get an answer to why the cakes were not selling.
And what did he tell them? Well, that one is simple. "Add an egg."
He told them that women felt too GUILTY making a cake for their families with the mix because there was no love in just adding water. It was too easy!
So, the company added an egg to their cake mix recipe and what happened? They sold like hot cakes! Because there was more love put into the cakes if the person has to add their own egg plus the water. Not as easy, but still easy enough.


Friday, February 16, 2007

This is a picture of me and Daisy.
Me and the left and Daisy on the right. Not a grat picture, but who can tell now?

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I should post.

I took this picture of my friend Nika (age 18.)

We spent hours taking pictures yesterday....:)

Everyone should sign up with

Austin, since you have time, put a picture of you on please! Even if it is like, REALLY OLD! :(


Friday, January 26, 2007

It's not muck fun blogging unless everyone is here, but here's a song and I want to know what you think it means.

by JoC

Faultless in the eyes that I could never open wide enough to see me through
Much to my surprise it never orbits around the things you should hold me to
I stand here...wondering
And I'm waiting
My ear is twisted in all the thoughts
A glimpse of truce just because
It's always almost never close
I close my eyes, hide the distance
Enchanted by the face of peace and when it turns to sunken eyes and waterfalls
Unsatisfied with simple things entangled in the chords, I can't take any calls
I stand here waiting
I'm calling
Waiting around for some kind of peace
Hoping you find me in my need
My ear is twisted
It's always almost


Okay, now I have to go on the web and look for a ball dress for the ball this year. I am soooooooo ready for the ball to come (but i need a dress!)


Saturday, January 20, 2007

I have a new blog. It's called "Eye Right Two Much." You can get to it by clicking on . This blog is for all my writing of poems and school projects and essays (and I have a lot!)that I have gone just crazy on.
I hope everyone can be less busy soon and more communtitve here. I'm dead busy today. I am haveing my party (It was postponed before) today at 1:00 and I have band practice at 11:00. I also have to clean the house before 11:00! Wanna came help me???


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hi Guys,
It's been a while since I put anything much on here. I have been busy and when I am on the computer, blogging, I'm usally commenting.
To start a new post, I need ideas.

Here, you vote which one of these I should post about:

1) About Chirstian lyrics, and what's the best for the mind and soul meaning wise.

2) My idea on Noah and the flood. Did it flood the whole world or just a part of the world?

3) I have the lyrics to a song and I want to know what you think they mean.