Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm starting a fresh new blog...yeah, I know what your thinking..."again?"
Well, it's to freshen up on waht this blog started out to be....
I will use this one on occasion..mostly as a "here's what's going on" blog. I plan on taking some of the things I posted about last year and repost them and restudy them. I have had a lot happen to me over the past couple months...for insance I'm joining a privet school this year (a school of a whole 22 students!! whohoo! I know then all already~ and the teachers!) I did 4-H this year and showed animals at the fair. I've met several new peopl and have had some wonderful experieces that I'll never forget! Hopefully things will settle down some and I will have more time to blog. truthfully I have been busy myspacing with my computer time. I know, I know....tisk tisk...
Well, off I go to create my blog...of course, in addition to creating my new blog I must delete Eye Right Two Much.

Well, talk to you all and to all I will talk,