Sunday, May 27, 2007

#1 favorite: Hanson

# 2 favorite: Jars of Clay
#3 favorite: Switchfoot
My Favorite Bands

I thought that I would put a little info about some of my favorite bands. We need to spred good music around!

Okay, the first pictue is of HANSON. This is a band of three Christian homeschooled brothers. They started out when they were very young. They sang at parties, fairs, where ever they could. Their first CD, Middle of Nowhere, came out in 1997 . When it came out they were only 11, 14, and 16.
Their CD was a hit. It made #1 pop charts in '97. They toured the whole world having concerts.
Now, they are all grown up and have family's of thier own, but
they are still out there making music and have recently put out their latest CD titled
"The Walk."
(Note: Hanson is not a Chirstian band.)
Jars Of Clay!!!
I don't know as much about how the Jars started BUT I do know this:
Jars put out their first CD in 1995 titled Jars Of Clay. Following that came If I Left The Zoo, Much Afriad, Jar of Gems, The Eleventh Hour, Furthermore, Who We Are Instead, Redemption Songs, and their latest CD Good Monsters.
They are known for their poetic lyrics and the deep meanings to their songs.
Jars of Clay is a Christain band.
Let me see.....SWITCHFOOT!
I hardly know anything about this band! I like 'em though!
Go to
for info on their CDs.
Also go to
Okay, that'll work!


sunny_12 said...

Perty cool Lanna.

Anonymous said...

HEY I'm BACK guys!!!! From Colorado!!! Wholy smokes that was awesome! I'll have to tell you over the phone!! =P
What?!?! Switchfoot is your 3'd favorite! OH! That's my most favorite in the woorlldd!!(Yes im a little hyperness)
anyway lol
I didn't know you liked Jars Of Clay more than Switchfoot.........

Anonymous said...

hey Jars Of Clay looks sooo different huh?!