Saturday, January 20, 2007

I have a new blog. It's called "Eye Right Two Much." You can get to it by clicking on . This blog is for all my writing of poems and school projects and essays (and I have a lot!)that I have gone just crazy on.
I hope everyone can be less busy soon and more communtitve here. I'm dead busy today. I am haveing my party (It was postponed before) today at 1:00 and I have band practice at 11:00. I also have to clean the house before 11:00! Wanna came help me???



authorgirl16 said...

YEAH I wanna COME HELP YOU. Well, I would if I could. I see that yoiur new blog is pretty cool. =)
(There always cool.)

Daisy girl said...

Aww I can't see your template! Its just a gray back ground. Dang it.

Lanna said...

Dang it!
I'll try another one. This one wasn't that great anyway.


sunny_12 said...

Nice template. I like mine better, but oh well.=D

Daisy said...

Ooo nice template. (I can finally see it lol)