Saturday, March 24, 2007

Listen to this true story!

~The 1st Betty Crocker Cake Mix~

Before Betty Crocker cake mix first came out, women were asked if it was a product that they would use. "Yes," seemed to be a steady answer, so the product was prodused and put on market shelves right away.
But after some time, Betty Crocker cake mixes were still on the shelves. Women were not buying them and the company wondered why. It didn't seem right that women would rather make a cake themselves instead of just adding water to the Betty Crocker mixes. Something was wrong.
So, the company went to a P.R. (Public Relations) man to get an answer to why the cakes were not selling.
And what did he tell them? Well, that one is simple. "Add an egg."
He told them that women felt too GUILTY making a cake for their families with the mix because there was no love in just adding water. It was too easy!
So, the company added an egg to their cake mix recipe and what happened? They sold like hot cakes! Because there was more love put into the cakes if the person has to add their own egg plus the water. Not as easy, but still easy enough.