Saturday, May 05, 2007

Well hello,
What else is there to say. Life has been busy. Music and family has been life. Scary, I've hardly had any time for anything but music and family. Now that my aunt's wedding is over (it was earlier today) I should have more time to blog and comunticate with others outside of my house and band.
Just to give an exaple of what I mean by busy, in April we played "How To Save A Life" by The Fray for the high-school talent show. We learned the song in three days. Our singer didn't even know the song. We didn't win anything cause of a slight piano problem, but we had fun. That's what is supposed to count right? Right. The next weekend was the Youth Arts Fest. Woopie gosh. My dance group practiced eveyday, two or more hours a day, for a week for that show. One day we met at 7:30am to practice. Joseph (a dancer) hated me for dragging out of bed. Lazy. We barely had a show. But, heck, we had fun (which seems to be the case with most shows!) We also played The Fray song again there. It was much better that time. Anyway, The same day that we had that 7:30 am practice was the day of the ball. I wish you were all there! It was so awesome. I got asked by real live guys this year. Yeah, real ones. Jo and I looked darling in our dresses. Just darling. My colors were Royal Blue and Gold and Jo wore Pink and White. Everyone looked so good. Matt (a friend) wore his scottish kelt. He's an interesting guy. Very proud of his scotish background. But, that's just Matt.
Today was the wedding. About a month ago I asked my aunt if we could play some band music at the wedding. "Sure" she said. So, we practiced some boring love songs just for her and Wes (the new hubby.) My brother was the ring boy and Jo played the wedding march song thingy. We went to the practice last night. I asked my aunt where the drum set was going. "Oh, there's a drumset?"
Rrrrr. I told here BAND SONGS but aperently she didn't know that I was in a band or that I don't play much piano anymore or that I'm even still a drummer. She's never heard me play in the two years that I have. Sad though, she lives an hour away. Anyway, got there today and the drumset was a no show. Without drums, my band is helpless. Bummer deal. She thought that Jo and I would go up and play little kiddy songs on the piano. She has know idea that we play pro songs. Jo just grew out of her piano teacher. During the summer I pracitce like an hour every day. Winter is more like half that cause of school. Rrrrr. I'll be fine. Jo bought me flip flops. I'm good.

Well, Daisy, you should be here to play guitar and Austin should be here to play bass (even though I aready have guitar and bass player.)
You'll see us in stores soon. My mom is very proud. She pushes us to do what we love~music.

Well, just so you all know, I moved up to a pro drumset. I outa give Mr. Williamson some lessons! Tell him that, Austin.

Forgive my spelling, I'm not going to proof read this time.

See you all when my band tours the world:)

P.S. Dose your family celebrate birthdays? How? Why?


Anonymous said...

THAT is ONE BUSY ten days you had there!! WOW!
I want to be in your band soo bad. I'm like "OH....MY....GOSH!....GRRR."
I wished my mom would like me to be in a band. Dang.
Your always so creative in the way you put things, Lanna! Makes it all really interesting.;)

About birthdays:
Does your family celebrate birthdays?:yes
How?: Well, we sometimes have a birthday party with a sleep over, eat pizza and open gifts.
Why?: Well, in my opinion, a birthday should be celebrated. It stands for yet another year on the earth. And it also means your growing up (in such cases as mine.) and others means it's just a big get-together. But I don't know if you mind birthdays or not but I want you to answer me please. My question is: Why shouldn't a birthday be celebrated?

Anonymous said...

Your mom and dad didn't decide not to celebrate birthdays because of some hiethen thing behind it...right?

Austin said...

Only pagans are born. Christians are foreign to this pagan concept of "birth". Where did it come from anyway? Pagans invented birth for sure!
Ahh, sarcasm!

On the contrary, Christians are born twice! Yay! We'll be celebrating our second birth for eternity!

I can't wait to see what twisted logic you can apply against birthdays Lanna. Make my day.

Anyway, I'm glad you got to dance with real boys. The fake ones are so much worse at it.

Lanna said...

Now Austin,
Did I say that I had something against birthdays? Or did I? Huh?

Now, I just asked about them.

Now, you smart butt you, tell me then, are birthdays (not BIRTHS) somthing that should be celebrated with gifts and cake and candles? Or should it be left to a simple pat on the back?
As Daisy stated in her comment "It stands for another year on earth." But does getting older mean to endulge ourselves with gifts and goods or should the "endulge" be changed to "congradulate?"

I have not said anything agaist b-days. I'm now quizzing you, Mr. Wise Man, because you asked for it. I'm "making your day." Am I not? This is what you wanted.


Anonymous said...


sunny_12 said...

Birthdays... ooo...


he fake guys ARE so much harder to dance with! But, hey, I got to dance with real ones this year too.

Visit my blog.

Austin said...

Okay, okay, truce!

"But does getting older mean to endulge ourselves with gifts and goods or should the "endulge" be changed to "congradulate?" "

There's a problem with this logic. I could apply it to any celebration. The Jews had a number of festivals that they were commanded to celebrate - great feasts. Now, if this is indulging, then why did God command it? Clearly, not all celebration is sinful indulgence. Thus, you cannot say that b-days are bad because of indulgence. You must come up with another reason, because the reason you have given so far can be used against God's commands, which is, of course, undesirable.

Bethany said...

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