Saturday, December 30, 2006


I got a part in The Tamming of the Shrew!!!!! And it is.....................BIANCA!
I'm one of the main charactors (the supporting female.) I can't wait. Yeah!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Here's a pic of me in "coloring book." My mom said I could put "coloring book" pics on here. More fun for you that way cause then you get to color me.....oh, I'm so tickled to be such a big coloring book star. Yeehaa. *Sigh*
Well, enjoy coloring my cute picture that wornderfully displays my atractive looks and the sharp shades of my dark brown hair that is swaying in the breeze from the fan in the hall. The true beauty in my lovely eyes and the rosieness in my cheeks. *cough* Excuse me.
Though, it doesn't look like it has very dark lines on here. Hmmmm. *Sigh* again....
Oh well,


Monday, December 04, 2006

Have you ever noticed that when your talking to someone about something, your conversation quickly changes on and on and on until it's time to go?
I went over to a friend-of-mine's house to hang out. Her siblings were catching up on homework, but she had some free time. We played a board game (about 15 minutes long) then we just talked
(about 1 hour 50 min. long) Then I had to go.
I quickly noticed how our conversation evolved to go on and on and on about different things, but we never changed the subject.
This is as if two people were talking about the upcoming winter season.
Say me , and my friend were the two. I'm Lanna, she's Nika. L and N.

N: Well, winter is here.
L: The calender lies once again.
N: It always lies.
L: I hate lies.
N: My friend lied to me the other day.
L: What about?
N: She said she had to baby-sit for a friend at noon, but really the woman was a complete stranger to her.
L: I baby-sat yesterday.
N: For who?
L: My dance teacher.
N: How's she doing?
L: Fine, I guess.
N: Is she starting lessons with you anytime soon.
L: No, she won't for a while. She's too busy.
N: It makes it hard to do stuff when there is so much ice on the road.
L: Yeah, it's been cold lately. Winter has come so soon.

Here, the conversation has come around through several subjects, but has come back to the start.

I have nothing more to say. I just though I should point that out.