Monday, July 30, 2007

Ladies and Gents,
You are about to read a VERY full post in VERY short words....

Okay, so I went to the rodeo and carnival on friday with my freind Dani. Rodeo was cool, I must admit (my first year going.) I havn't been to the carnival in 5yrs. And I've never been on what are known as the "Big Kid" rides until this year......AND I can discribe them in a few short words: Fun. Scary. Scream. Sick. Dissy. Tierd. Ugh.
Okay, so on my last ride I got thrown out of my seat and landed back down and hit my back on the metal seat...didn't really think much of it until the next day..and to make things short I'll just say it turns out I fractured my spine (or posibly just broosed my bone...but most likely a fracture.) So I'm not supposed to move very much. I layed down on my tummy for most of the day until my energy got to me and I had to do a little moving....SO here I be. Also, my band is going south. We lost our lead singer, Tyler, and piano, sister Jo, and so that leaves me on drums and Casey on bass and possibly (for softer songs only) Ashley our second vocal. And you can't make much music with a drum and we are searching for two guitarists and maybe a pianist. *sigh*

Well, more to both stories but I'm hungry so farewell!
No spelling check this time.....I'm pooped out............