Thursday, November 16, 2006

Last weekend, something remarkable happened. Something I have never seen done before. Something I never thought would happen....

My dad read the bible.

My dad had come home from work for the weekend (he works 9 hours away.) He said someone at work had been reciting scripture to everyone about everything. He found his old bible, that he has never really used, and started reading things and having us guess what book it was in. Then he came to Ecclesiastes. He insisted that we read the whole book. He and my mother took turns reading, he mostly. HE said he got a lot out of it. He explained, then sent us to bed.

In the morning, for the first time, he took his bible to work with him.
My mom had called him one night and asked what he had been doing.... "Reading Proverbs " was his reply.

I hope he catches on to this and maybe learns something to teach us, instead of us teaching him.



Austin said...

That's great!

Holistic Families Of Wallowa County said...

Hey Lanna Dear,
You keep praying that Yahweh builds His spirit in your dad. Pray that your dad will overcome the wordly things he fights with every single day. Pray he becomes the father that Yah wills of him. Pray He builds up your dad to be a strength to our family.
Also, it might be helpful if you pray for your mom to have patience! She needs lots and lots of it and strength too to overcome many fears and frustrations when it comes to her husband.
Love you.

P.S. Bible is spelled with a capital "B"
P.P.S. Now get off the computer and get out your math book:)

Lanna said...

Hi Mom....

Daisy said...

That's amazing! I'm so happy for you.
I've known you for a total of 3 (almost 3) years and I've never heard of your Dad reading the Bible! That's awesome! And I'm glad he's learning from it. Alot of people just scan there eyes over the words without even reading them! (Not thinking about them and what they meen.)

I'm praying for you guys.
luv ya,