Thursday, November 02, 2006

I think I'm going to try to get music some other way. This thing worked for my other blog. *sigh*
Well, check back this week and we'll try it again.

I'm taking a tally here:

How many people celebrated Holloween and How?

Please tell your friends.



authorgirl16 said...

Do you want us to answer you, or just think about it?

Daisy said...

It's Daisy.
I have a new blog for...well practically the same reson you have this one for.
I haven't posted very much yet, but I'm workin' on that!


Daisy said...

Hey! I can here your music!!!
Way to go!

Austin said...

I went to an event at my church with games and candy and those big inflatable things. I played bass outside in the youth band, and then went and talked with my friends for the rest of the night, including some friends from other churches that I don't see very often.

Daisy said...

Austin, I used to go to a church where they had inflatable things and candy and games to win candy for halloween (which like 've said before we call it harvest party) was but I don't call it CELABRATING halloween.
We just -like I said on your blog- get candy and listen to a well known band.-to me anyway.

Lanna, look up.

sunny_12 said...

I didn't do a thing for Haloween.
Same as you Lanna. I'm your sister, so we did the same thing: Nothing

Holistic Families Of Wallowa County said...

What do you mean, we did nothing?! If i remember correctly we did chores, ate dinner, practiced music, danced and sang to CCR, and played a game of scrabble. Way more fun than freezing your buns off in some heathen costume collecting tooth destroying, health compromising candy from complete strangers in the dark.

Lanna said...


Daisy said...

It's OK Jo, you don't have to do something on haloween.

(tell your mom that candy is good if you brush your teeth afterwards..('hint hint')


sunny_12 said...

Haha. I'm glad I did nothing on Halloween. I don't like Halloween.
Mom let's me have candy sometimes, but I always want to brush my teeth anyway!