Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Killer Media~or not?

In this day and age the media, (music, TV shows, movies, magazines.....) show people how to live life. From childhood until adulthood, the media has us covered. We may not know it, but we are being told what to do, think, and say by the media.
You may ask some simple questions about this statement, such as:

"How is this possible?"
"How can we change this? "

I will answer one question at a time.

1) Q. How is this possible?

A. We, the people, subject ourselves to a lot of television and music. These are two things almost nobody can escape from. Everyone watches TV. Everyone listens to music. Everyone does these things everyday. Almost everything the media puts into those shows and songs are not clean for the mind and soul.
You watch and listen to things that tell you how to dress, behave, take care of your body and self......the list goes on....and on.....and on......and so forth.
How do we stop being fed by the media?

Well, there is an alternative!

Now we venture to question 2 (drum roll please!)

2) Q. How can we change this?

A. Just this, go jump of a large bridge! Run across the US barefoot singing "KILLER MEDIA! SAVE YOURSELF!" Sing the national anthem backwards while burping the alphabet from the top of the Empire State Building! MAKE YOUR POINT! You'll get America's attention! You'll see.

NO! STOP! WAIT! I was just kidding, come sit back down. There's more.

Okay, so we have observed one smart, yet expensive way to stop this media problem. Let's venture another, shall we?
How about simply change your media resources? Changing your CD collection from Brittany Spears and Backstreet Boys to singers and bands like Jars of Clay, Nichole Nordeman, Switchfoot, Newsboys, Big Daddy Weave, Starfield.......whom dedicate their lives to providing uplifting music. They sing about Christian meanings and/or the deeper meanings of life. They sound just as good. You can find just about ANY style of music in this form. There are even Christian bands and singers whom have put out entire CDs about God without once saying anything about God! Like they don't mention his name or anything. They just get to the point! I like that kind of music, strait to the point.
Read movie reviews before watching them. A good place to visit is http://www.christiananswers.net/spotlight/ They have a thing called "MORAL RATING" that does just that, rates the morals.
Also, cut down on TV altogether. Cut down a little at a time. Keep yourself busy with other things. You can still watch TV, just not as much. Then that way you cut down on the amount of media you see. (Disney and Nick are terrible. They are bad media loaded.)

So, you see, the world could be a better place without the bad media, BUT that's not happening today, so we'll just start with one at a time.




Holistic Families Of Wallowa County said...

HIya Cutie!
I've never heard the term "killer media" come out of you. That's strange.

Most media is a choice. TV and music are the choice of the majority i think (tho you'd be surprised at how many people don't even have TVs). We know how hard it is to be watching even an educational program only to be bombarded by self-lust promoting commercials. Music is almost entirely a choice tho (unless accompanied by another form of media) and one doesn't have to listen to the choices you outlined, you know. There are some excellent alternatives. What it boils down to are lyrics and the emotion any particular piece of music might invoke. What is the song about? What image(s) does it invoke?

We can't escape media entirely unless one wants to live in a cave (which might be an option to some). For the rest of us, however, if we understand where media comes from and who or what it is appealing to, what its agenda is, it can certainly provide a certain amount of protection to our spirits (what drives us or SHOULD drive us). It may even be helpful. Be discerning! Ask who, what, where, why, and most importantly, who benefits?

authorgirl16 said...

After you listen to Britney spears, Kelly Clarson, ect..,
It IS hard to "unhook" yourself from these habets.

The salution? (A help, anyway)
All you out there are thinking,
"Well, what dose praying do? How's that going to help me with my music choice and what I like?"

Believe me, once you've found God, you don't WANT to listen to all that stuff.
You get excited about what God has done for you and thoughs habits will vanish.
If this dosn't happen at first, don't get mad, and/or blame it on me. It's because you still havn't gotten rid of this problem. You still want to listen to the secular music more than Christain music.
Pray more. It is amazing the offect a little 2 minute prayer can have in your you life and long walk with the Lord.

About Telivision.

Sometimes it can be a good thing.
To watch music movies or to even watch what we call "boring tapes"
on how to be a better Christain.
If you use it in the right way, you won't have a problem with all the fleshly things of this world.

For all evil is ment for good. (The bible.)

So in a way, a tv is a useful tool to help you follow Gods rules.

On the other hand, (I know the other hands always the one that gets into trouble.) there are sopopra's and other filty shows fill the screen of your tv.

Look at it this way. If You can't imagine God watching it with you, and you feel uncompertable, Don't watch it. If you can imagine God watching it with you, great! It meens it's an "OK" show.

This is a simple test. I use it too, even though sometimes I don't make all the right choices, It'll at least make you think twice about what you are watching, and how it's going to offect you life in the years to come.

Lanna said...

Great point!
You must pray. BUT you must also want to change. You have your part in changing yourself. You must try to find a new something in place off the old. You have to have the will power to stop and move on. That part is what praying is for. Pray for the will power and strength.
You need encouragement from friends and family as well.


Lanna said...


Killer media? Yeah, Joe and I thought it fit.

Media is a choice.
It's also a choice to pick better media over "killer media."
It's hard to pick around the bad media, but, as you said, you can escape it.

Thanks for the input Mom,


sunny_12 said...

I helped Lanna with this post! I even let her use MY computer time. We both got up early, and posted. She took up too much time, so we won't be doing that again for awhile. But I helped with this post.(If some people reading this are very confused,I guess I better say that I'm Lanna's sister.Or one of her sisters that is.)

Daisy said...

Impressive, Jo and Lanna.