Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's been a while, I've been busy. At the moment I am trying to read my two-year-old sister her favorite book while typing. But, I will try so very hard to get what has been spinning around in my head all day down.
I have been thinking about how some public schooled kids would benifit from being homeschooled, and how public school has its place.
It all popped into my head while I was reading the funnys in the paper last night. I came across one that, I'll try my best to explain, went a little something like this:

In a class room, a teacher is trying to get his restless student to mind.
"Zach! Stop messin' around and get back to your desk" The boy returns to his seat.
"Zach, stop peeking at other people's answers! And stop tapping your pencil on the desk!" The boy hesitates to stop, but does. A minute later, teacher comes to the boy with a folded paper in his hand and reaches out to hand it to the young student. "Here, take this and give it to your mom."
"What is it?" questions the student.
"It's a pamphlet explaining the benifits of homeschooling." the teacher answers.

This made me think that it is true that homeschoolers are different then public schoolers in many ways. One of the reasons is that we are focused on more by our parents. We have a closer bond then any other familys do. Most people think of homeschoolers as sheltered and that we do not know how to fend for ourselves in the real world. This is entirely untrue. I do things outside the home and family all of the time. I recently got a part in our local drama group's latest production, I play music and take lessons reguarly, I teach tap dance lessons and have a nice size of students my age, whom I see every week, I have many friends whom I also try to see as often as posible, and I am a reader for a group that reads to little children, whom are still learning their early reading skills. I am, to be honest, one of the most get-out-there kind of people I know. I think most children would do better at home then in a school, yet schools have thier place too. A safe place for kids who have an unsafe home, with drugs, violence, ect.....
Or for a torn apart home, with one parent, whom has to work.

I think kids would benifit, still, from being homeschooled. They have the family connection, less bad influenses, the parents has more time with the kids, more power over what their kids see, know, hear, and say, and they have all those learning experiences with the child (TOGETHER).

I'm sure I have spelled half my words in this post wrong, BUT thats OKAY! Spelling is my lowest subject, meaning that I'm not as strong in that subject as others. The theory "No child left behind" is, in my mind, a not very good theory. When a child is ready to read, she will let you know, you will see it. When a child is ready to do math, she will let you know. AND if she is ready to read before she is read for math, don't you think you should hold off on the math until she is ready? This way you aren't pushing her and making it a challenge for her to hate. She will catch up, and if they are a grade behind, that's OKAY too! That's what she's ready for, nothing more. See where I'm coming from?.......Good!

Now, you see my point on that. (<>

Sorry to bore you!




Austin said...

Great points!

Daisy girl said...

I like what your saying, and I believe a lot of stuff that the bad infuinces and bad language comes from being public schooled.
I like your veiw of things in many ways, and I will be checking your blog often.